The Global Solution VLT
The Global Solution VLT is a server-based system that comprises two main components – Central Server and Locations. The number of locations that can be connected to the Central Server is unlimited. EGT's VLT Solution is flexible, easy to use, has a built-in ticketing system and can be modified to satisfy the clients' needs. That makes the Global Solution VLT system very adaptable to business and regulatory requirements.
VLT Jackpot
  • Mystery Progressive Jackpot with up to 3 levels
Central Server
  • Games Management and Settings
  • RNG
  • Administrative support:
    • – Accounting and Reporting
    • – Terminals Monitoring
    • – Network Monitoring
    • – Server Monitoring
  • Distributed Load Balance Processing
  • Cluster Server Organization for Optimal Performance and Maximum Reliability
Communication Network
  • Provides data transport between the central server and locations
  • Advantages:
    • - Side to side VPN network
    • - SSL certificate authorization
    • - Easy system scaling
  • Communication based on TCP/IP with TLS and RSA Encryption over the VPN
Data Reports & Analysis
  • Parameters and data, exported in tables or reported, observed and accounted in real time on the server.
  • VLT terminals:
    • – 2 x Wide Screen Displays
    • – Bill Acceptor
    • – Ticket Printer
    • – Powered by EXCITER II and EXCITER III Gaming Platforms
    • – Include well-known and proven games with high definition graphics
  • Cash Desk:
    • – Validation of Issued Tickets
    • – History of last 10 validated tickets
    • – Simple operation
    • – Daily ticketing reporting